Getting Continuing Education is an important part of being a personal trainer. You earn CEU’s (also known as CEC’s) in order to renew when your certification expires. Here are some frequently asked questions that may be of help to you:

COVID Update – please note that due to the pandemic we understand that it may be difficult to obtain CEU’s/CEC’s. So, we are giving a generous extension period of 6 months. SO, if you are past due for renewal don’t worry your certificate is still valid. Contact our office if you have questions. nspa@nspainc.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

You keep track of your CEU’s – keep all certificates of completion or receipts for the class – and when it is time to renew you will report these credits on your online renewal form as directed. Reading the information on our renewal page will give you more information on renewal specifics.

For NSPA CPT, CCS and CPRS you need 24 CEU’s every two years to renew. For WM and CCI you need 12 CEU’s every two years to renew. (Please note some of these courses aren’t being taught by NSPA at this time.)

Sometimes it is confusing to figure out how many CEU’s to report for course you take. Below is the most common information but sometimes there are still questions, and you can always contact us for guidance if needed.

NSPA CEU’s – NSPA provides hands-on CEU courses and some online courses (see below). NSPA gives 2 CEU’s for each hour of class time if you take an NSPA CEU class. For example – If you take a two-credit online course from our online web portal you will report 4 CEU’s when you go to renew (the NSPA web portal does not double the CEUs so you must do so when reporting your CEU’s).

Please note- when we give live CEU classes the number of CEU’s reported will already be 2 CEU’s per hour – you will not have to double the number reported.

Third party courses – You can also obtain CEU’s from other sources. You get one CEU per class hour. For example, if you take a 3-hour non-NSPA CEU course you would earn 3 CEU’s. You can earn CEU’s by taking a course related to the field of health and fitness or going to conferences.

When a course is online from another source it may be hard to discern how many NSPA CEU’s you are earning. In some cases, it may help for you to know that you can take look at CEU’s that are reported for another certification if NSPA is not listed. For example, if ACE lists .3 continuing ed credits for a course, you would report 3 CEU’s to NSPA on your renewal form.

College Credit – We also give CEU’s for college credit. You get 8 CEU’s for each college credit. So, a three-credit college course would earn 24 NSPA CEU’s. (This is enough for you to renew). Note: The college course must be related to the field of health and fitness.