The expiration date on your NSPA Certificate is two years following the date you successfully passed the exam, which includes the written and all sections of the practical exam. Your expiration date is noted on the lower right-hand side of your certificate.

To maintain your NSPA CPT and CCS certification you must acquire 24 NSPA Continuing Education Credits every two (2) years. Nutrition & Weight Management requires 12 CEU’s every 2 years. Certified Cycling Instructor requires 12 CEU’s every 2 years. Speed and Agility requires 12 CEU’s every 2 years. CPRS requires 24 CEU’s every 2 years.

You will be emailed a printable certificate with your new expiration date (we no longer mail hard copy certs) when you apply and complete the requirements for re-certification. The cost for certification renewal is $75.00, plus a service fee; payable at the time you submit CEC/CEU information. In order for your NSPA certification to be valid you must have a current CPR certification. We no longer require a copy of your CPR card.

Fill out the renewal form online with a form of payment. Allow 3-4 weeks to process. You no longer have to fax/mail your proof of attendance for your CEC’s/CEU’s, but you must keep these records until you receive your new certificate. NSPA reserves the right to ask for copies if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow 3-4 weeks to process your renewal certification. You will receive your updated certificate via email.

An NSPA CEC/CEU’s equates to 1 hour of lectures, workshops, course, conferences, etc. that pertain directly to the Health and Fitness Industry. So one hour = 1 CEC/CEU. (NSPA CEC/CEU classes give 2 CEC/CEU per hour.) For CPT and CCS Certifications you need 24 CEUs in order to renew. You must renew every two years by your expiration date. Your expiration date is located on your certificate.

No, CEC/CEU’s may be granted for lectures, online courses, workshops and conferences sponsored by hospitals, colleges, universities, health clubs and other certifying organizations or speakers.

Since the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Course is a pre-requisite for the Certified Conditioning Specialist (CCS) course, your re-certification will be for CCS only. Therefore, your expiration date is based on your CCS Certificate date.

In order for CEC/CEU’s to apply toward your CCS re-certification, they must be earned after the date of successful completion of the CCS exam.

No, CEC/CEU’s may not be carried over to the next re-certification. Health and Fitness is a rapidly changing industry and we encourage you to expand your knowledge by taking as many courses and workshops as possible on a continual basis.

Yes, the subject matter must be pertinent to the Health and Fitness industry. You will receive 8 NSPA CEC/CEU’s for each college credit.For example, if you take a 3 credit college course it equals 24 NSPA CEUs. We may need to ask for proof you took the class.

Hours of presentations given will not count toward your own certification renewal. We encourage you to earn CEC’s on new topics to expand on your current knowledge of the industry.

No, however, a valid adult CPR certification is required for your NSPA Certification to be valid. Always keep your CPR Certification up to date!

Any type of Certificate of Completion for the particular lecture. If you are not provided with one, the following things qualify as proof of attendance.

a) Something clearly stating the topic and number of hours of the lecture; for example, a course syllabus or agenda.

b) Proof of attendance; for example, receipt, copy of canceled check or credit card bill, presenter’s signature.

Note – Since renewal is done online, we do not require that you fax this information, but we encourage you to keep it on file in case we have any questions once you have submitted your renewal application. You may discard it when you receive your new certificate in the mail.